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Application Internet Operating System


The app based operating system for web applications sets new standards in development.

APPNETOS APPNETOS offers a complete system that covers everything for your web application. Multilingual CMS make applications easy to implement in many different languages.

By using apps as elements, building web applications is easier than ever. In the administraton section the parts to be configured individually and assigned to the pages. Most apps are multilingual and can instantly manage multiple languages. Due to the size settings, your web application is responsive with just a few clicks. In our marketplace you will find many great apps for many applications.

User management, user groups, multilingual CMS, app management, app installer, app creator, app marketplace, file manager, mailer, advanced cache system, and many more.

Licensed under the Apache2 license, the APPNETOS APPNETOS source code is open and free for all projects.

The best of everything united

The best of everything united

APPNETOS combines the best tools to get to your destination easily, quickly and efficiently.

APPNETOS APPNETOS uses the widely used scripting language PHP. PHP is perfect for creating dynamic web applications. The programming language is easy to learn and easy to use. APPNETOS APPNETOS makes it even easier to use PHP. The APP system already prepares most of it and making it easy to develop.

The most-used JavaScript library jQuery is also an integral part of APPNETOS APPNETOS. jQuery greatly simplifies many JavaScript actions. Thanks to numerous plugins, it can be expanded almost infinitely. It is also relatively easy for JavaScript beginners to write code for jQuery.

With Bootstrap, APPNETOS APPNETOS relies on a strong CSS framework. By using Bootstrap, you can quickly customize the look of your web application. The built-in grid system allows you to customize the size of your apps. With just a few clicks you can customize the output and create a perfect responsive result.

No matter how you like to process your output, APPNETOS APPNETOS can handle anything. Smarty and Twig are two popular and simple template engines. Or build your output with a PHP template or as a simple HTML. APPNETOS APPNETOS renders everything.

The best of everything united



You are a developer or programmer and just build awesome stuff? Then create a developer account now and benefit from our marketplace.

Developing cannot be easier. APPNETOS APPNETOS as a framework leaves nothing to be desired. The ingenious system relies on the simplest logic, which makes it easy to implement large projects. The possibilities are endless.

An APPNETOS APPNETOS developer account brings many advantages. Any app developed for APPNETOS APPNETOS is reusable and can be installed and used directly in any APPNETOS APPNETOS instance. Use our marketplace and make your app available worldwide and profit from your sales.


Keep an eye on your cache settings.
With this dashboard widget, you have your APPNET OS caching under full control. Not only does it give you the ability to view all cache settings directly in your dashboard, but also clear the caches.
The caches can be reset individually or emptied completely.

- Dashboard widget
- Shows you the current status of your set caches
- With the built-in links you can empty the caches individually or completely
- Multilingual
- Widget in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Free for commercial and non-commercial projects

- Add widget to dashboard
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Present different content, simple and fast, in modern tile look. You can't go wrong with the Bootstrap Cards you're using.
The tiles can be easily configured via the Administrator app. In the Design Settings you have the possibility to assign your personal bootstrap colors to all the elements used.
A text and an HTML editor are available for the content.
The app is multilingual. The texts can be created in a simple overview for all your languages used.
To refine the theme, an image can be added to each tile.
You can also use the Administrator Settings app to set the size of the tiles. The app is a container app. This allows it to be output together with other apps in a container and the size is easily configurable via the app settings.
As a result, they get modern tiles in responsive design.

- Quick and easy to configure responsive tiles
- Multilingual, content can be created in all used languages
- Each tile can be added an image as an additional design element
- Colors fully configurable via the administrator area
- Container app. Size configurable via app settings
- Administrator area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Multiple installation and configuration possible
- Free for non-commercial projects

- Configure tiles and design in the App Administrator Settings
- Place the app in a suitable place
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Use this form to give your users the ability to change your password.
Simply place this app in the appropriate location in your user area.
The app is fully automatic. No further configuration is necessary.

- Easy installation
- Fully automatic. No administration necessary
- Container app. Size configurable via app settings
- Multilingual
- Administrator area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Application area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Free for commercial and non-commercial projects

- Place in a suitable place
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With this app you add the jQuery plugin Magnific popup in the simplest way.
Magnific Popup is a jQuery Lightbox with many great possibilities.

Further information about the function can be found on the homepage.

Through the download and installation, you immediately have many new tools available for your HTML content.

- Single image Lightbox
- Lightbox Gallery
- Zoom Gallery
- Pop-up with video or cards
- Dialog with CSS Animation
- Pop-up with form
- AJAX pop-up
- Modal pop-up

Place the app at the top of a page.
If you use the CSS and JavaScript cache, no placement is necessary. The app only needs to be activated in this case.
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Stay up-to-date and get the latest information about APPNETOS APPNETOS.

In our News Feed you will find important information about updates, hints about new tutorials or new posts in the documentation and information about new marketplace apps.


There are several ways you can use APPNETOS APPNETOS. Under Downloads you will find all further information.
Direct Download Direct Download
GitHub GitHub
Docker Docker
Docker-Compose Docker-Compose


No matter if you build a simple web application or develop your own apps for our marketplace. APPNETOS APPNETOS is easier than you think.

In our tutorial you will find a lot of application examples. There is something for every type of application.


Our complete documentation is always helpful to troubleshoot development problems or to quickly get information about classes, functions and methods.

In our APPNETOS APPNETOS documentation you will find information about all files of the system.