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Through the apps we make available on our marketplace, APPNET OS requires a special versioning.
With Special Versioning, APPNET OS creates an update-enabled system that puts security first for your web application.
Versioning is divided into two areas. The major version and the subversion.

Major Version (X.)
The major version will only be changed if marketplace apps are no longer running with the older version.
This guarantees that applications with the same major version are basically running.
If the major version jumps, older apps cannot be updated above the Marketplace in the Administrative Area.
In order for these apps to be updated, an update must be provided by the app provider.
A major version jump is only available for large changes where marketplace applications are compromised.
To update the APPNET OS major version, several adjustments are usually required.
Please note that APPNET OS and xtrose Media Studio are not responsible or responsible for the applications provided on the third-party marketplace. If you have any problems, with and with updates to these applications, please contact the vendors directly.

Subversion (. X)
The subversion always provides an extended version of the major version.
This ensures that already installed applications are still fully operational with an APPNET OS update of the subversion.
The APPNET OS Core and the APPNET OS Admin applications are extended when the subversion is updated.
Apps that use features of a new subversion do not have to run with the previous subversion.
The special versioning allows the subversion of the APPNET OS Core to be updated without any restrictions on the apps previously installed.