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APPNET OS 2.0 brings many new features. Since the new features are very profound and many apps have to be adapted to version 1.0, version 1.1 has been skipped. Version 2.0 brings many new possibilities for end users and developers. Developers get a lot of new options in this release and can offer end users apps with new possibilities. Due to an ingenious structure, it is even easier to access core data and methods without integrating corresponding classes. This makes the development of apps even easier than before.
Separation of the core
The biggest change is the separation of the core, which provides more security through externally installed apps.
The core was adapted to the APP logic and separated into application, admin and shared.
Common classes have been reduced to a minimum and stored in the shared directory.
Application and admin classes will be loaded from their own directories in the future, whereby the names of the classes are the same and no integration of the classes from the other area is possible.
This ensures that only methods for the corresponding area can be called.
Extension of the core\base class
The new core\base class has been greatly expanded and brings a lot of new things for developers.
If a class is extended with this, it can access all relevant core data without the need to include classes and retrieve the data via methods.
In the corebase class now also has predefined methods to access the most important data.
Through an extension, settings, strings, user data, POST and GET parameters, SESSION variables and app data can be accessed directly.
In addition, methods are available to access all functions of the already created objects.
Variables can also be added directly to the rendering engine.
Developers should generally extend their classes with this extension, this saves a lot of time and brings many great possibilities.
Extension and adjustment of the settings
The basic settings from the file have been cleaned up and adjusted by the naming.
This simplifies the configuration many times over.
New options have also been created.
The user extra data can now be predefined in the
The data can then be processed by the apps as well as in the admin area.
New Caching System
The caching in APPNET OS 2.0 has been completely renewed. From now on, all caching options are controlled via the cache class.
From now on, the app cache saves the app data directly as HTML files in the cache directory.
When using the app cache, app classes are no longer executed and the HTML is integrated directly.
This saves 40% performance with static apps.
Non-static apps can simply invalidate the cache when changes are made, which saves just as much in terms of performance if they are well developed.
CSS and JavaScript cache has been perfected.
Here all app CSS and JavaScript files are automatically combined and integrated as .min files.
Unnecessary processes such as compilers are not required. Apps can be excluded from caching during the installation process or in the app settings.
Since the integrated .min files are cached by the browser, this brings an enormous boost in performance for the user. String cache, directory cache and file cache also relieve the server and also save quite a bit of performance.
These caches should always be active except for development.
New core classes with new possibilities
Some new classes have been added to the core that bring a lot of new possibilities.
Take a look at the documentation of the classes to get everything out of your APPNET OS instance.
Admin area with new UI
A lot has happened in the admin area.
In addition to the integration of the new options, the UI has also been adapted.
It is very easy for end users here to build a web application in a nutshell.
In connection with the apps from the APPNET OS Store, the possibilities are almost endless.
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