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To install and use APPNET OS, your server requires certain requirements for pre-installed software. No special requirements are required for the computing power of the server. APPNET OS has been wrapped up to run with minimal performance on any server.
Server Operating System
Server Operating System
  • Linux Based Operating System (Recommended)
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian
    • Arch
  • Windows Based Operating System (Not Recommended)
    Windows no longer provides support for PHP from version 8 onwards. Forward looking, we strongly advise against using PHP in conjunction with Windows.
    • Windows Server 2019
    • Windows Server 2016
Apache HTTP Server
Web Server Software

APPNET OS is compatible with any web server software. The APPNET OS Installer prepares the servers HTACCESS file for the Apache HTTP server.

Please note. If you are using a web server other than Apache HTTP Server, you need to manually configure the mod rewrite settings.

PHP version 7 or higher with install extensions
  • PHP curl
  • PHP gb
  • PHP mysqli
  • PHP pdo_mysqli
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