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News, Forums, Blog

News, Forums, Blog

If you need a blog, forum or other applications for news, you will definitely find it here.
Let your users join in.
Here are many applications where your users can actively interact with your web application.
Present different content, simple and fast, in modern tile look. You can't go wrong with the Bootstrap Cards you're using.
The tiles can be easily configured via the Administrator app. In the Design Settings you have the possibility to assign your personal bootstrap colors to all the elements used.
A text and an HTML editor are available for the content.
The app is multilingual. The texts can be created in a simple overview for all your languages used.
To refine the theme, an image can be added to each tile.
You can also use the Administrator Settings app to set the size of the tiles. The app is a container app. This allows it to be output together with other apps in a container and the size is easily configurable via the app settings.
As a result, they get modern tiles in responsive design.

- Quick and easy to configure responsive tiles
- Multilingual, content can be created in all used languages
- Each tile can be added an image as an additional design element
- Colors fully configurable via the administrator area
- Container app. Size configurable via app settings
- Administrator area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Multiple installation and configuration possible
- Free for non-commercial projects

- Configure tiles and design in the App Administrator Settings
- Place the app in a suitable place
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xtrose Multi News is the news app that covers all your wishes in the news area.
Do you use multiple news areas in your web application? Then xtrose Multi News offers the best solution for you.
xtrose Multi News is a multidimensional news application. A news application for many different news pages and all languages.
The app can be added to multiple URI's and the news can be assigned to each URI. This gives you easy management and all your news are under control.

User interaction
Make your web application interesting and let your users participate.
Your users can write comments about your news and reply to comments.
For news, comments and replies, users can submit various likes-me interactions.

Individual design
Easily design your custom design for news, comments, and answers through the Administrator Settings app. Here you can customize everything in your personal bootstrap colors.

Advanced settings
The app offers a lot of settings. Customize the app to fit your web application.

- The multidimensional news app allows you to generate news in multiple languages.
- The news can be assigned to up to three URI's. If the app is used in an unassigned URI, then all news is output.
- The app has an advanced like-me function, a comment function and a response function.
- In the admin area, all news, comments and answers can be managed clearly.
- With the widget you always have all the important information on your admin home page in view.
- The app is a responsive container app. This allows the size to be perfectly configured for all devices in the APPNETOS admin area.
- With the extremely many settings, the color can be adjusted for each area with the bootstrap colors used.
- Colors fully configurable via the administrator area
- Administrator area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Multiple installation and configuration possible
- Free for non-commercial projects

- Customize colors and settings in the App Administrator settings
- Place app in different URI's
- SELECT URI's in the Administrator Settings app
- Write news
- Assign news to one or more URI's
- If the app is not assigned to URI, it will appear on all URI's
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0.00€ - 99.00€
Including vat

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