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Secure your web application with our security apps.
Here you will find everything you need for the security of your web application. Installed as an app, a security concept is implemented quickly and easily.
Secure your web application from unwanted access.
With this app you can save your entire web application or individual pages from unwanted access. If a user is not logged on, a login window is issued. Added as a static app above, only logged-in users can access your entire web application.
To keep individual pages safe from unregistered users' access, simply install the app at the top.

- Protection against unannounced users
- Easy implementation
- Can secure the complete web application or individual pages
- Multilingual
- Application area area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Free for commercial and non-commercial projects

- Install
- Set as static app above to protect complete web application from unwanted access
- Set at the top of a page to protect individual pages from unwanted access
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